Austin's Lend-A-Hand Equipment
John Deere equipment is primarily used. It is maintained religiously and configured to serve my customers’ needs 365 days a year. All have enclosed, heated cabs and therefore weather rarely hinders or alters work schedules. I pride myself on keeping to the schedule I have committed with my customers and it is a very unusual event for the calendar to stray from the promised dates.


Compact Power
The niche which I first targeted was the individual landowner with a small property and possibly very limited access. Therefore, I chose small-scale equipment with plenty of horsepower to accomplish the same jobs that larger equipment, which would not fit through gates or between houses, could accomplish. This has served both my customers and me well. This equipment is transportable without special permits and expense to the customer.


The Primary Machines
The basic pieces of equipment owned by Austin’s Lend-A-Hand are a mini-trackhoe, a compact tracked loader, a tractor and a commercial front-deck mower. When required, rental equipment is used for larger or specialized jobs.


An Array of Implements to Handle Many Jobs
A large array of implements are used for the different services…a Harley rake, a street sweeper, box scraper, snow blower, snow plow, several different brush mowers, buckets of all sizes, grapples and rock rakes.


Getting it There and Hauling it Away
Trailers are used to transport the equipment to jobsites and a dump trailer is used for hauling job spoils, unwanted brush, or storm clean-up materials away, or for delivering materials to jobsites.


Accessories to Delivery Professional Results
High tech hand tools such as laser levels and transit to assure level foundation excavations or level block retaining walls are used when appropriate.