FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

grading imageWhat is your minimum charge? Is my job too small?

There is a two-hour minimum for equipment to be loaded, brought to your jobsite, unloaded, the job done, and then loaded up and returned home. The hourly rate varies by equipment needed to do your job, so please call to set up a jobwalk at which time you will be given a very clear idea of what your job will cost in time and fees. Most customers are very pleasantly surprised to find that a job they have been dreading can be done quickly and painlessly for their pocketbook, compared to what they expected.

Where are you located?

Camano Island, just west of Port Susan Bay off East Camano Drive.

Do you charge to come to my job?

Camano Island and Stanwood are both served without “in-and-out” fees. A minimal fee is charged to cover fuel expense and time to move equipment longer distances. This will be quoted to you prior to the job when you are given an estimate.

I can't find someone to do my job…no one ever calls me back?

Then you haven’t called Austin’s Lend-A-Hand! We pride ourselves on returning every single call that comes in. Often, jobs are being done in areas which are shielded from cell signal, and calls go to the VoiceMail instead. When I am out of the shielded area, my phone signals me that I have missed a call, I check VoiceMail, and I call either then or in the evening after supper. I WILL call you back.

Do you charge for estimates?


Is Austin’s Lend-A-Hand Corporation licensed?

Yes. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Washington State Contractor’s License # Austilc955je.

Will you mow my lawn?

Austin’s Lend-A-Hand is not a lawn-mowing service, per se, as larger brush is what is normally tended. However, a commercial finish mower is part of the equipment line-up. Please call to discuss whether this is a reasonable alternative for your needs.

How far in advance do I have to call for you to come do my job?

When a phone call comes in and a request is made for brushcutting, the caller is often surprised to find that the first available date is somewhere between weeks and a couple months away.  Yes, it is a long time to wait. No, we don't enjoy telling callers that the wait will be so long.  And, yes, there is a very good reason for the delay: our customers are typically so satisfied with our efforts on their behalf at their projects in the past, that they have become repeat customers and year after year, they call and schedule well in advance, filling up the calendar.

Lead time varieds drastically depending upon the time of the year: peak season (April to October, as much as 12 weeks) or non-peak (November to March, as little as a few days). Lead times greatly depend upon the weather and the growing conditions afforded by Mother Nature.

We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Please be patient and plan as far in advance as possible...because there IS indeed a reason why we are booked out so far in advance: it's that we respect our customers and their projects and budgets so much that they almost always come back. We would respectfully request that you ask yourself one question if you call someone else and they say they can come out in the next couple days to do your job: "why aren't they busy at this time of year?"

We do NOT double-book and over-commit the way some contractors do. If you are on our schedule, your time is YOUR time. We have a 99%+ track record for being on time and on schedule!

Our scheduling calendar is usually available 6 months in advance. The rains will fall, the brush will grow! We would love to put your name on our schedule and plan for your needs in advance...please call us!

Seriously, I’m just a homeowner. Can I really afford your services?

Many, many, many of our customers have jobs done for under $200! The equipment is able to accomplish in a small fraction of the time what it would take a couple people equipped with machetes, weed whackers, and trimmers many, many hours and backaches to accomplish. It costs nothing to find out…give us a call and pleasantly surprise yourself!